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Grey Queen
The Wanderland Chronicles Book 3 30%
Stealing the Suitor
Suitor Diaries 20%
Crowned In Blood
The Wanderland Chronicles PREQUEL 30%
Author JM Sullivan

THE Wanderland Chronicles

Alice Carroll just wants to help her sister, but Wanderland has other plans. . .

Living in Wanderland is tough on the best of days, but for Alice, it has just become nearly impossible. Her sister, Dinah has contracted the undeadly momerath virus, and without a cure, is sure to join the legion of the undead. Alice will do anything in her power to prevent this, unfortunately, in post-apocalyptic Wanderland, the momerath aren’t the only danger waiting.

The Neverland Transmissions: Book 1


Captain Wendy Darling has a mission to complete, but the mysterious mechanic Peter Pan has a secret that could destroy them all . . .

In the year 2393 Captain Wendy Darling is given the mission of a lifetime. Her task? To rescue the newly located Jolly Roger, lost in space 100 years prior. But 100 years has kept many secret from the long-lost crew, and not everyone is prepared to leave.

A Sea Witch Origin Story

The Rise of Ersyla

Before she was the sea witch, Ersyla was a simple girl with a secret . . .

Chronicling the events that began the origin of the Sea Witch, THE RISE OF ERSYLA tells what really happened to this poor, unfortunate soul.

A Snow White's Queen Origin Story

Shattered snow

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Everyone knows the story of the Wicked Queen and her talking mirror and the injustice Snow White suffered for the curse of being pretty. But words have power and different meaning, and nobody understands this more than Mara, the enchantress who would be Queen. Only Mara knows the prophecy that surrounds the fated king, and only she can save her kingdom by paying ‘fair’s’ devastating price.

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