Writing All The Things

The Neverland Transmissions Book 2 60%
Crowned In Blood
The Wanderland Chronicles PREQUEL 30%
The Wanderland Chronicles Book 3 2%
Author JM Sullivan

THE Wanderland Chronicles

Alice Carroll just wants to help her sister, but Wanderland has other plans. . .

Living in Wanderland is tough on the best of days, but for Alice, it has just become nearly impossible. Her sister, Dinah has contracted the undeadly momerath virus, and without a cure, is sure to join the legion of the undead. Alice will do anything in her power to prevent this, unfortunately, in post-apocalyptic Wanderland, the momerath aren’t the only danger waiting.

The Neverland Transmissions

Captain Wendy Darling has a mission to complete, but the mysterious mechanic Peter Pan has a secret that could destroy them all . . .

In the year 2393 Captain Wendy Darling is given the mission of a lifetime. Her task? To rescue the newly located Jolly Roger, lost in space 100 years prior. But 100 years has kept many secret from the long-lost crew, and not everyone is prepared to leave.

The Rise of Ersyla

Before she was the sea witch, Ersyla was a simple girl with a secret . . .

Chronicling the events that began the origin of the Sea Witch, THE RISE OF ERSYLA tells what really happened to this poor, unfortunate soul.

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