Once Upon a Retelling Book Tour!

Hello lovelies and welcome to the first ever Brewing Books Tour (squee)! We are so glad to have you and cannot wait to give you a chance to learn about and potentially WIN some amazing books! 

(I mean seriously, check these beauties out.)

You are here because it is the official first stop of the tour. This post is where you will find the tour rules, the first secret number, and the link to submit your answers to win!

It’s a lot, I know, but you all are brilliant enough to handle it! 

(Keep reading to find out how to play.)

About the Tour

The Brewing Books Once Upon a Retelling Tour is hosted by fairytale fanatics JM Sullivan (that’s me!) and KM Robison (she rocks).

The goal of the tour is to connect other retelling lovers with new amazing twists on their favorite childhood tales. 

To do this, we have collected a fantastic team of ten authors who have volunteered not only to share more about THEIR retellings, but also to donate a fairytale retelling and brew of their choice to create a magical giveaway for the people we love most: our readers. (That’s you!)

That being said, if you love retellings, yummy drinks, and cozy reading sessions–this tour is for you!  Who knows, you might even find a new favorite author (pick me, pick me!) !

Are you Ready?
Let's Go!

The Rules

The rules to play are simple. Follow the tour posts and collect the secret numbers, then total them (correctly) for a chance to win!

You will find a secret number in each blog post. It will be clearly spelled out and set apart from the other text in a special font or color. Once you’ve found your secret number on each page, follow the author’s link to visit the next blog post in the tour. As you go through each post, add the numbers together to find the Grand Total!

Once you have found all ten secret numbers, add them up to find the grand total. With your total in hand (or on paper) return to THIS starting post and scroll to the very bottom of the post to find the link to the giveaway link. Click on the link, then enter your number in the submission box. When the tour ends, we will contact three lucky winners to send them their books and brews! 

Think you got it? I know you do! 

Let’s brew those books!

Since you’re already here, let’s get started! I’ve already introduced myself as the host of the Brewing Books Tour, but I am also the author of ALICE: The Wanderland Chronicles, which I will be featuring as my giveaway! 

I have already told you how much I LOVE retellings, but you might be surprised to hear that I am also a HUGE horror fan. When I’m not writing, you’re very likely to find me watching scary movies with my family. When writing ALICE, I wanted to see what would happen if I mixed some of my favorite horror elements with the stories I love most. The results brought to life a dark and twisty retelling of Alice in Wonderland with an un-deadly twist!  How does it work? Take a look at the blurb below to find out!

Alice Carroll hardly remembers life before the plague.  After the death of her mother, Alice has learned to survive the dangerous new world with the help of her sister, Dinah. But when Dinah contracts the ‘un-deadly’ Momerath Virus, Alice must leave the safety of the Sector in search of an antidote, or her sister will be worse than dead, she’ll be momerath.
Chasing a rumor about a mysterious doctor with a cure, Alice falls down the rabbit hole into a world she never knew existed. To save her sister, Alice must navigate the strange city and its inhabitants quickly, because in Wanderland the ravenous momerath aren’t the only danger lurking.

What do you think? Have I caught your interest? I sure hope so because I have one more fun fact to share! Alice is Book One in the Wanderland Chronicles series, and Book Two is coming VERY soon. BROKEN GLASS picks up right where ALICE leaves off and headfirst into even more madness.

Are you ready for Wanderland? Well ,o good Alice story is complete without a tea party, so for my giveaway, I am pairing ALICE with a chocolate raspberry tea! The dark chocolate represents the dark and twisty nature of Wanderland that blends perfectly with the tart raspberry flavor that reflects Alice’s sassy S-I-X teen year old personality. The two flavors balance each other out to create a delightful brew that is perfect to sip on while you read! 

So there, you have it. My book, my brew, and some fun facts about yours truly! I hope you’ve enjoyed your time, but now I have to let you move on to the next post, after all–we wouldn’t want you to be late for a very important date!

Have fun collecting the rest of your clues! I’ll see you back here when your hunt is over! 


What's Next?

Go further down the Rabbit Hole...

Are you ready to keep touring? 

Wanderful! That’s what I was hoping to hear! Click the link below to follow the tour to our next author’s page– the fabulous Elle Beaumont!

Have fun, but don’t forget to come back HERE to submit your final answer to win the tour giveaway!

Detour through Tulgey Wood . . .

A Sea Witch Origin Story

Not ready to go? 

Aww I’m having fun too! As a special thank you I’m hosting a giveaway of my own! Click the link below for a chance to win a FREE copy of my short origin story- THE RISE OF ERSYLA!

Good luck! Now go get the rest of those numbers!

Did you find all the secret numbers?

Those are some excellent sleuthing skills! Double check your math (calculators are totally allowed), then click the link below to win one of our THREE amazing prize packs made up of books and brews donated by our AMAZING tour authors!

Did you enjoy the tour? Leave a comment below and let us know! 

This is our very first event, so we want to know how we did! It will help us to organize more exciting events like this in the future!

JM Sullivan

Retelling Writer. Sparkle Enthusiast. Author. Although known to dabble in adulting, J.M. is a big kid at heart who still believes in true love, magic, and most of all, the power of coffee. If you would like to connect with J.M., visit her on social media at @jmsullivanbooks--she’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I really enjoyed the tour I will definitely do it again, I thought it was really fun and creative!👍😉

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