Writer’s Wisdom 101: Few Is Better Than None

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I don’t know about you but the past few months have been absolute MADNESS for me with work deadlines, writing deadlines, and just life in general. That being said, I am SO sorry for the brief hiatus from our Writer’s Wisdom installments, but I am pleased to announce we are back with another great lineup of incredible authors! So buckle down and get ready to hop in- we’ve got some great tips, tricks, and inspirational pieces coming your way!

Few Is Better Than None

Author Simi Sunny - White Sirens, The Serpent Girl

For aspiring authors out there, how many have you thought you would get rich right away? Better yet, how many of you have thought you would gain so many people to read your work after first publishing and promoting your book? To be honest, that was my first thought when I first published my work, and unfortunately, I did not gain much. Even to this day, I still didn’t get a lot of readers, and it disappointed me.

     However, my perspective changed when I was watching an episode of Hey Arnold! (does anyone  remember that show?). Arnold wanted to write a paper of his favorite author named Agatha Caulfield, but there were no resources he could find. That is when he met the author in person, living alone on an island, miserable and wanting to be left alone. Arnold found out that Agatha stopped writing because no one was reading her work. (I’m sure everyone, including myself, can relate.) 

Arnold’s favorite author kept pushing him away, even though he was persistent on writing about her life until he gave in. Arnold admitted that, despite how crabby Agatha Caulfield was, he loved her work. And because Arnold showed his admiration for Miss Caulfield, she decided to write a book for him. That episode helped me learn and understand something.

No matter the size of your audience, it doesn’t matter. Even if you have one or two readers, it’s enough. Sooner or later, it will grow as you keep writing and promoting your work. I was happy to find that there are a people who did read and appreciate my work. And to me, having a few readers is better than none.

What do you think? Would you rather have a massive audience or a few die hard fans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

I am so glad to have you back for another installment of Writer’s Wisdom, and look forward to seeing you next time!

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Happy Writing! 

About Our Guest

Simi Sunny is the author of White Sirens and The Serpent Girl. In her free time, she she enjoys books, anime, and drawing. To learn more about Simi, connect with her on Twitter!  

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