Alice Update!

Alice is getting a facelift! 

We’ve been working hard to finalize the final twisty installment of The Wanderland Chronicles, and with the last entry, we’re bringing a series makeover!

One of THESE concepts was chosen as the winner for the first book, and the following two will be stylized in the same fashion!

Now the question is- which do YOU think it is??


Always Protect Your Queen

Alice Carroll hardly remembers life before the plague. After the death of her mother, Alice has learned to survive the dangerous new world with the help of her sister, Dinah. But when Dinah contracts the ‘un-deadly’ Momerath Virus, Alice must leve the safety of the Sector in search of an antidote, or her sister will be worse than dead, she’ll be momerath.

Chasing a rumor about a mysterious doctor with a cure, Alice falls down the rabbit hole into a world she never knew existed. To save her sister, Alice must navigate the strange city and its inhabitants quickly, because in Wanderland, the ravenous momerath are the only danger lurking.

Broken Glass

It’s A Great Huge Game of Chess

The scariest thing about Wanderland isn’t death–it’s the momerath. And now Dinah is one of them.

Alice Carroll has spent the better part of her life avoiding Wanderland–and the momerath–at all costs. But now with her sister gone, Alice has only one place to go.

Back to Wanderland.

Armed with only her blade and a raging vendetta against the traitorous Red Queen, Alice storms the undead wasteland to find Dinah and atone for her mistakes. But with relentless momerath and a ruthless Queen encroaching, will Alice’s determination be enough? Or will she fall down a new rabbit hole searching for revenge? 

Grey Queen

Coming Soon!

The third and final installment of Alice’s adventures. Will Alice’s cure save her friends? Or is Wanderland destined to madness forever?

Wanderland Residents

Alice Carroll

Undeniable introvert and bookworm extraordinaire, 17 year old Alice Carroll is just trying to get by in a post-apocalyptic world. Luckily, her older sister Dinah has always been there to help her.

Dinah Carroll

Beautiful and brilliant, The Sector's resident medic and social butterfly is always happy to help anyone in any way she can. She may not have graduated med school, but she takes the Hippocratic Oath very seriously.


Snarky and endearing, Chess is Wanderland's self-appointed expert, and so far is living up to his reputation. It doesn't hurt that he's quick on his feet and six steps ahead of the game.

Drs. Waite R. Abbot & Matthew Hatta

This dynamic duo was determined to change the world, and change the world they did. Now they are both facing Wanderland to suffer the consequences. How they are coping is a different story entirely.

The Red Queen

If Dinah is the beauty and brains of the Sector, then the Red Queen is the Tulgey Wood equivalent. But let's not also forget to mention some of her other great qualities like cunning, ruthlessness, and determination.

The Momerath

They may not have many speaking roles, but let's not forget Wanderland's newest and most gruesome addition to the population. Whether they were Carriers or victims, one thing remains the same: MR-V got them, now they want to get you.

Artwork Courtesy of Katherine Barclay


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