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Happy November! As the fall season is fading quickly into winter, I realize I have a lot to be thankful for, and one of those things is access to so many amazing books! I have always been an avid reader, but since I’ve started writing I have had the opportunity to be introduced into so many more amazing worlds!

One such world is a new dystopian creation brought by the fairytale retelling godmother herself, KM Robinson. And in true KM form (this girl writes SO MANY books, y’all) she has another fantastic book releasing TOMORROW, and I’ve gotten some insider information. Trust me, you’re gonna want to read it. 

Don’t believe me? Just check out this blurb (oh yeah, and that FANTASTIC cover)!

No one inside the snow globe knows that Morozoko Industries is controlling their weather, testing them to form a stronger race that can survive the fall out from the bombs being dropped in the outside world–all they know is that they must survive the harsh Winter that lasts a month and use the few days of Spring, Summer, and Fall to gather enough supplies to survive.

When the seasons start shifting, Genesis and her boyfriend, Jack, know something is going on. As their team begins to find technology that they don’t have access to inside their snow globe of a world, it begins to look more and more like one of their own is working against them.

Genesis soon discovers Morozoko Industries is to blame, but when a foreign enemy tries to destroy their weather program to make sure their destructive life-altering bombs succeed in destroying the outside world, their only chance is to shut down the machine that is spinning out of control and save the lives of everyone inside the bunker–at any cost.

      The Revolution of Jack Frost                          KM Robinson                 Bleeding Ink Publishing

Sounds great right? 

I can’t tell you how excited I am to visit this snow globe! Luckily, the author and I happen to be pretty good friends, and she’s offered us a chance for a sneak peek into her story in true #AuthorConfession style. So here it is 10 little known facts about The Revolution of Jack Frost!

I am a warm weather girl—I despise the cold. Let me live on a tropical island in the direct sun for the rest of my life and I’ll be happy 😉

Genesis. She’s practical, somewhat optimistic, but always realistic, and not really athletic. She picks up on a lot of little things and comes up with great ideas, but she also takes some risks she probably shouldn’t to make sure other people don’t have to. She’s also all kinds of snarky when it comes to her boyfriend, Jack, and her friends….she might be a little bit wittier than I am though. I could learn a thing or two from her!

Ah, see, I have to be careful with this one because I could give wayyyyyy too much away.

  1. I know the seasons are out of control, so I’m definitely bringing super warm clothes that I can add and remove in layers.
  2. Rope. A very, very long rope. For reasons.
  3. Food. It is not easy to come by food inside the Globe, so bringing it is a wise choice.
  4. I’m also bringing a compass because as the seasons start shifting around, it’s also shifting the landscape. When we inevitably wander into unknown territory, I’m going to need it to find my way back.
  5. The last thing I’m bringing is a shovel. There are actual reasons…but let’s say it’s to dig our way out from under all the deception.

I’ve always been a little in love with Jack Frost and I knew I always wanted to write his story, but when I sat down to actually write it, it just seemed better to write it from Gen’s point of view. We get to discover Jack’s story along with Gen and see him through the eyes of someone who loves him and watched his legend being built. I also had a very specific plan for this series and it’s important that we view it from Genesis’ perspective…and really, we wouldn’t be able to hear all the fabulous, swoon Jack descriptions if we were in his head instead of in Gen’s!

Let me answer that with a few lines from the book:
“I live in a snow globe—at least that’s how Jack describes it. Our world runs in cycles that change like a person shaking one of the snow globes we found in the storage room in the bunker when we were kids. Two days of Spring, a week of Summer, four days of Fall, followed by a month of Winter. Most days, I wouldn’t mind if our world fell off whatever shelf it is sitting on, smashing the cycle.”

There’s a scene I cried through. Like actual, big crocodile tears. You’ll know it when you get there.

Full disclosure: I’m really really bad at fan casting movies. I’ve only ever fan cast one book and it was the first thing I had ever written and will likely never be seen by fans. So this is totally answered with the help of my Elite fan group:

  1. Jack—Austin Butler, the younger years, but not quite the right hair style (Jack’s is very specific)
  2. Genesis—Anne Hathaway in her Princess Diaries days
  3. Nathaniel—Torrance Combs, the Reign years
  4. Azra—Krysta Rodriguez, the Smash years
  5. Eliza—Lashana Lynch, the Still Star Crossed years
  6. Perrin—Sterling Sulieman, the Still Star Crossed years
  7. Nes—Brant Daugherty, the Pretty Little Liars years

I DO have a ton of books. Jack is actually #21. I love my retellings and dystopians and you can find elements of those in every book I do, even if it’s not a fairytale retelling or dystopian. You’ll also find that I only let my characters be happy for so long before I rip them apart and they really have to decide if they want to fight for each other. Most of all, the thing fans comment about most is the kissing scenes <3

You’re right, it took 9.5 days for me to write the entire thing. I had mentioned to the publisher that I had a Jack retelling and they were interested in seeing it so I set aside what I was working on, picked up Jack, and knocked it out in a few days, sent it to my proof readers, and had it in the publisher’s hands in under two weeks of them asking to see it. I had a page and a half of it written before I mentioned it to them.

Umm. I mean, Jack and Gen are nice, so I know they would never actually do this, but it wouldn’t be unreasonable for them to want to spit in my face after what I put them through. Jack would probably be a little quicker to forgive and forget. I’m pretty mean though, so they probably wouldn’t be thrilled to hang out with me at this point.

And there you have it! Super secret insights for a super secret sort of book! Want more?? Unfortunately I can’t give it to you, but you might be able to ask KM, or better yet, check out her book, The Revolution of Jack Frost, on shelves TOMORROW!

Wanna see KM’s fancasting?? 

What do you think? Are you excited to read The Revolution of Jack Frost?

K.M. Robinson is a best selling storyteller who creates new worlds both in her writing and in her fine arts conceptual photography. She is a marketing, branding and social media strategy educator who is recognized at first sight by her very long hair. She is a creative who focuses on photography, videography, couture dress making, and writing to express the stories she needs to tell. She almost always has a camera within reach.

Get free books at excerpt.kmrobinsonbooks.com and check out her website   www.kmrobinsonbooks.com

Connect with her on social media at @kmrobinsonbooks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. You can view videos and live replays on Youtube too! 

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